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It was a simple task, a simple hunt. Track down the girl from the subway, the one who — by some bizarre stroke of luck — had ended up with the object. Kylo Ren was a master of his talent and loyal to his cause. Nothing could shake that loyalty, nor the trust he held in his supreme leader.

Adelaide Gabbaldon has been a vampire for ten years, and has gotten to know how things work around- vampires are forbidden from attacking werewolves, and there is peace between them. At least in theory. When a young werewolf girl follows her, she can't help but be curious, and her first instinct is to She and the werewolf girl end up engaging in intimate activities before they even get to know each other, but they eventually fall in love and have all sorts of adventures, some of them silly and others that have a higher goal: making the peace between vampires and werewolves be definitive in order for them to be able to live together without the stigma.

Author's note: This work will explore multiple writing styles, as I plan on developing my writing skills, and I can't tell exactly what will happen. Buckle up for a wild ride. Updates every Monday. Very, very greedy. Derek hums thoughtfully. Winding up for the pitch, so to speak. That idea has merit, Stiles will admit.

A week of ruins capped with edging denial after?

Extra kink time with Derek would be just dialing it up a notch, right? Those are his first words to Stiles who stands with wide eyes and jaw hanging low. He should say something. Like simple sorry, for example.

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He truly had no idea this part of the forest belongs to someone. So yeah, it is appropriate to apologize for trespassing. But guess what? Or, the one where Stiles meets Derek in the forest. Somehow, they become friends, boyfriends, lovers, family. The hunt for the horcruxes has gone on for years while Voldemort wages open war to establish his dominion in the wizarding world.

When his men capture Harry Potter's best friend, he doesn't think twice before throwing the mudblood to his wolves.

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However, an unlikely ally emerges in the form of a werewolf. To escape her captors and defeat Voldmort, ever the realist, Hermione can't afford to dwell on the fact that help comes from the creature that raped and impregnated her. Harry, on the hunt for Horcruxes, literally stumbles into Fenrir Greyback and turns out to be his mate because everything happens to Harry.

I have removed it from that site. The story is currently being re-worked and will hopefully be finished… one day.

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The heat started somewhere north of Fort St. James, British Columbia. Kurt has kept a secret for years and been safe. Yet when Karofsky kiss-rapes him, he is so terrified that his fight or flight reaction kicks in and his self-control slips. The truth is that he is a werewolf and now that the beast has woken up inside of him, McKinley is no longer safe from him.

In Captured by Cowboys, when an injured woman appears in the middle of a downpour on the Stone brothers' ranch, her arrival changes everything.

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Emmett, Cody, and Bryant have been lost until finding Amber, whose memories are gone. She reminds them true love is worth protecting—whatever the cost. In Bound to Billionaires, Megan has lost everything. Trace, Steve, Ken, and Hal have been best friends since they were college roommates. But the pack is not happy with humans living so close nearby and especially not with their Alpha befriending one. They try to convince her to bond permanently with them, but Madelyn fights the temptation.

Will her secrets ruin their solitary chance to mate? In Bride of the Furies, an arrow attack against her cattle ranch puts owner Alicia Tann Like the Seasons MM. Garrett, Wes, and Gunny McCallister must show Gia that they are real and they love her before her past steps in and they lose everything they have worked so hard for. She's strugg For the First Time MM. In a desert country where marriage equality was not accepted, Yousef was banished with a price on his head. The fatwa also included Now, she must face her deepest fears and the three men who plan to share her - mind, body, and soul.

Balin, Kamden, and Phynn of House Krighton know without a doubt Sparks fly between Gallagher and Brown, but misunderstandings threaten to separate them permanently. While investigating a human traffickin Indifference of Heaven MM. Caleb can be When he meets Jessica Morris, an aspiring artist, his interest is aroused. The froth of bright red curls framing her beautiful elfin face makes him want to claim her all for himself. Will Jessica be able to resist his all-conquering personality? Silver's Triad MMF.

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She has raised her son, buried her husband who was also her Master, and retired from a job she never really loved, but that paid well. Her older, alone status has kept her from visiting Club Esoteria, a place where she and her husband always loved to play. Max and The paperwork is never-ending, so he hires office manager Ambrielle Watson. Oscar and Danny are both wolves and both Doms. Is she a perfect match for them?

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Fergus and Her Viking Dom MF.