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Who gon' make it good for old folks that's senile? Oh, it's G.

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Music, yeah, dawg, I see now [Chorus: Kanye West Tony Williams ] We can make it better better we can "Breaking up" We can make it better Better we can make it on up, we can "Breaking up" We can make it better better we can "Breaking up" We can make it. This is a bonus track on the UK version of Late Registration where some of the illest conscious rappers tell stories about making it through trials and tribulations with their heads up. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Produced by Kanye West.

Album Late Registration.

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More on Genius. Release Date August 30, But without any investment being made in managers, flexible working arrangements are set up to fail. Alternatively, the buck gets passed onto the flexible worker to make a success of a new arrangement, giving him or her one more task for their workload, and one with a high penalty attached to failure — a stressful experience in itself.

Realistically, achieving this buy-in will also need some nudging, particularly for smaller businesses and sectors where there has been less flexible work.

"We Can Make It Better" by Kanye West : Kanye

Giving managers access to success stories and practical guidance , backed up by lots of leadership and peer support, is vital. Managers and employees need to come together in a safe space to assemble flexible working arrangements that work for everyone, with a real understanding of what is at stake and what is possible. A part of this is the need to get flexible about flexibility — recognising that circumstances change and that work arrangements may need to be tweaked or even reversed over time to ensure that they remain fit for purpose.

Flexible work has been used as a management tool to achieve savings by imposing remote or zero-hours contracts on workforces, with little input from those called on to do their jobs differently.

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And it is also about making use of a range of flexible working arrangements. Flexible work demands a shift away from seeing productivity in terms of being present for fixed working hours.

If Social Media Is Making Us Worse, Can We Make It Better?

Companies and managers need to devise better measures of output: has a project been completed within schedule, did the team work well together, is the report of a high quality? These are much more effective yardsticks of success than whether staff clock in at 9 o'clock each morning.

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Employers who ignore this demand will be poorly prepared in the war for talent. The evidence base for the benefits of well-managed flexible working arrangements is getting more and more compelling. It offers increased retention and productivity, and drops in absenteeism. Plus, as the latest pay gender pay gap figures show that older workers are seeing the greatest disparities, flexible work is a key tool in creating more age-friendly and equitable workplaces.

You challenge everything — even what you believe is right. Intellectual honesty means leaving the door open, even if you are convinced you are right. You are receptive to new facts — you listen mindfully rather than trying to defend yourself.

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It requires to always seek for the truth regardless if it agrees with your own beliefs or not. Conversely, intellectually arrogant leaders promote groupthink — they only pay attention to those who think like them. Arrogance is intellectual blindness. Intellectual humility is one of the key traits that Google looks for in new hires. Wise leaders know that solving problems is a team effort — everyone brings something different to the table.

Their job is to get the best ideas from their teams.

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  • That requires putting their ego aside rather and letting go of the need to be always right. I have to be humble because I am temporarily dependent on you. Mark Leary believes that intellectual humility can help us discover common grounds, build better relationships, and be more effective leaders. However, our culture still associates errors with ignorance. Humble leaders must let go of the need to be perceived as perfect. Let go of your title.